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Outinnovating on the web

This is the financial results period in the US and yesterday both Yahoo and eBay reported their earnings which generated disappointment as their stellar growth rates and cocaine-like margins are slowly falling victim of gravity. In yet another good article, … Continue reading

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Brands struggle to address consumers’ multiple digital identities online

Back from Cannes, a French article on how the numerous identities we now have when online make it difficult (yet interesting) for brands to address consumers. Les publicitaires cherchent à comprendre les identités numériques

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About human nature, perception, emotions, irrational behavior and how Google tackles all that

I think I just love the guys at Saatchi & Saatchi! First they introduced the concept of Lovemarks, in which they basically explain why brands have to commit more to the consumers in order to create this emotional link that … Continue reading

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Boom time for MBAs: Rastignac, here I come!

An enlightening view of the job market in the US from the Financial Times which once again makes me wonder: what the hell are we doing in France to catch-up? Anyway, there is a flight to NYC leaving in 3 … Continue reading

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Looking for the “un-Vista”: say hello to J. Allard!

So today we are launching our next wave of “core” products (Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange 2007) and for all I know it may well be the last one to be released as such. In a world where software seems … Continue reading

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Will Windows Vista be the last rollout of its kind?

As Xmas nears upon us, so does Windows Vista, the latest operating system from Microsoft. Wether Vista is a good OS or not is irrelevant at this point… at least it seems to be the WSJ perspective. The following article stresses … Continue reading

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“I think that Microsoft is leaving the door wide open for Google to deliver a broader solution on their online platform”

Yet again, another interesting happening in the small world of online services and the race for global dominance between Google and Microsoft. There is also the question about “less is more” and the very large feature set offered by Office vs. its … Continue reading

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