Nike Pulsing Back in Shape

NikePlus Run

I talked earlier about RG/A and the Nike+ concept. Well, I decided to use it myself and after close to two sportless years (this is what happens when you have kids!) I went back to running using a beautiful iPod Nano (Red) coupled with the Nike+ sensor.

I decided against changing my Adidas running shoes which are still fine (regardless of repeated threats from my favorite interactive agencies to switch to Nike) and just bought a $7 shoe wallet to insert the sensor inside. Believe it works fine!

So today I ran and did 5km in 27 minutes (on the graph you can see I reduced my speed right after that and cooled down for another 1k or so).

Bottom line, the system is great and I strongly encourage you to use it… I feel much better now!

My Nike+ alias is “nborgis”, so if you want to challenge me, please do ūüėČ

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