EU Tube

EU tube

So the EU has decided to launch its own channel on YouTube. And in doing so they intend to communicate widely on EU-supported initiatives, one of them being the cinema. Therefore, they have compiled a selection of short videos to promote European movies and let EU citizen and the rest of the world know of their contribution to the EU film industry.

What’s wrong with that you may ask? Nothing, except that the video “Film Lovers Will Love This!”, showing love scenes and ending with a nice “Let’s come together!”, is being both massively watched and critized as being tax-payers wasted money on soft porn.

As for me, I do think it is a very good initiative from an institution perceived as distant to connect with its audience. Maybe they should produce more of these films and the next referendum will be a massive “Yes” 😉

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One Response to EU Tube

  1. do you really think so? – it’s more of a ploy, scam, propagated infomaterial – or a bunch f jammy sods struck lucky on a whim of usually serene creative input!

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