5.00 am: Cannes Lions, day three

MSN @ Cannes Lions

So here I am, up and running for my third and last day at the Cannes Lions festival. Tonight is going to be wild as it is both the Cyber Lions Awards ceremony and the MDAS party at the Palm Beach casino.

A quick stop at the Microsoft booth tells me my EMEA counterparts are nowhere to be found, probably numb from all the crowd and getting ready to climb the famous read carpet.

Expression @ Cannes LionsThe red carpet @ Cannes Lions

After an interesting ceremony, an agency of the year award for R/GA for all the work done on the Nike+ concept/branding/online buzz it is time to get ready for the serious stuff…

MDAS party @ Cannes Lions

The setting is mindblowing, an immaculate private beach and an open bar to die for. The usual suspects are here, plus a few others dignity does not allow me to disclose here.

Damon & Dominique @ Cannes Lions The dream team @ Cannes Lions

At 2.00 am the party ends and we move to the now classic ’72’ where the heat keeps on rising steadily to reach a climax by the end of the week. Among other things we came across a BMW sprayed with bullets and the famous Dominic Monaghan from ‘Lost’.

Nice car @ Cannes Lions Romain @ Cannes Lions

As the night turns into day, I am reminded that this parenthesis is about to end… it is now 5:20 am and my flight for Paris leaves in 90 minutes! Bye bye Cannes and the dream team, many projects ahead of us or so I wish anyway!

Damon & Emmanuelle @ Cannes Lions

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2 Responses to 5.00 am: Cannes Lions, day three

  1. Philippe says:

    I was also at the Mdas party. Amazing place indeed!

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