4:02 am: Cannes Lions, day Two

Cannes Lions delegate passes

So here I am, ready for my second day in Cannes. First things first, get my delegate pass and more important the VIP passes to the parties (where everything happens or so it seems).

The whole city is simply turned into a large billboard as can be seen from the pictures below. Every single agency has its own private lounge, this is all about networking here.

Zadig & VoltaireEURO RSCG @ Cannes Lions

Probably the most interesting initiative comes from JC Decaux. They have their own private beach with an open bar, iPod sound battles and more to the point their latest interactive billboards including the Stimulibox.

JC Decaux @ Cannes LionsJC Decaux @ Cannes Lions

Their teasing can be seen above, and two examples (integrated Wii and bluetooth-enabled) of e-billboards below.

Wii-integrated JC Decaux billboardBluetooth-enabled JC Decaux billboard

After a few panels at the Palais des Festivals, including an interesting viewing session around car advertising, it is time to head to the opening party. The whole Carlton hotel private beach has been geared to accommodate the crowd… and the result is stunning to say the least.

The food is creative (and so it should as the purpose is here to feed creative minds), a little too creative sometimes in fact and the bright green and red pieces are still to be identified.

Food @ Cannes Lions

As the party takes off you get a good feeling of the international nature of the crowd. The DJ is doing his best to keep everybody on the dance floor (notice the Apple logo – they are good!)

Opening party @ Cannes LionsOpening party @ Cannes Lions

Nice encounters happen (Dominique from UbiSoft, my new contact for the Massive in-game advertising opportunities clearly qualifies – more on that tomorrow). And it is suddenly time to head to the ’72’ bar next to the Martinez hotel. As can be seen from the picture the crowd is even larger than yesterday – THE place to be really!

The crowd at 72

Last but not least, as Damon decided to publish some weird photos of me, here is my sweet revenge (yes it is blurry but the champagne glass can still be seen and it is not his first).

Damon @ Cannes Lions

It is now 4:41 am, time to get some rest before another long day tomorrow: Web Awards ceremony for the best interactive agencies and the very private MDAS party at the Carlton beach…

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