5:47 am: Cannes Lions, day One

Cannes Lions Internatikonal Festival

So here I am, in Cannes for the International Advertising Festival. For my first night in town I decided to hang out with the creative team from FullSix and Seven, these guys sure know how to throw a party!

The Lions festival is all about advertising, and some of it is striking to say the least (as can be seen below).

Getty ImagesGetty Pictures

After a wonderful dinner downtown, we headed to the Amsterdam DDB party located on the beach of the Sofitel hotel. As can be seen below, the atmosphere was rather all right!

Amsterdam DDB Party @ Cannes Lions 2007

When the party was over, we decided to walk along the Croisette, where lovely fashion photographers are being exposed as part of the Fashion Photo Festival.

Cannes Fashion Photo Festival

Then we headed towards the Bar 72 which seems like the very place to be when the night comes of age.

Martinez Hotel72 bar @ Cannes Lions Festival

As the night slowly turns into day nice encounters do take place. We met Mimi and Shelley from Ihavenanidea and FirstLight who both come from Toronto. Except from the fact that they are both lovely girls (the picture tells the tale and Jeff seems to agree with me), they did invite us to the Creative Director’s party tomorrow… and this surely promises to rock!

Jeff and the girls @ Cannes

Some of the picture taken tonight are best kept secret as alcohol was certainly high… Yet I would like to take this opportunity to thank Damon for being my guide in the Advertising world… it certainly was worth it; probably more than I excepted it in the first place!

It is now 6:15 am and it seems like a good time to go to bed… more to come tomorrow!

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2 Responses to 5:47 am: Cannes Lions, day One

  1. Manuel Diaz says:

    and you call this work ! pfff 🙂 imagine what is going to happen in Denver when Damon and I will care about you Nicolas 🙂

  2. nborgis says:

    Love is in the air… 😉

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