Xbox 360 Elite and Silverlight Ads

Xbox Elite

A quick note on Silverlight and online advertising. To the best of my knowledge, this ad is the first ever to be released using Silverlight technology (you might say it is dogfood 😉

For those of you interested in video and online advertising, you should attend the next “What’s Hot” from EBG during which you will get a chance to see much more on how Silverlight makes it possible to change the way brands interact with their online audience.

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One Response to Xbox 360 Elite and Silverlight Ads

  1. Nice blog, I was performing some net browsing and happened onto your blog, I was wondering if you knew your website is rendering strangely in the K-mellon browser. I will see most of it but the graphics are one way or another out of whack. In all probability not a massive issue since basically no one uses it any longer but I am old school and still use it.

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