Steve & Bill share memories at D5

WSJ D5 conference

It is rather unique that these two share a scene together (though they have done it in the past, remember 1997?) and it is definitely worth watching.

You may think Apple notebooks are cool, iPods are the ultimate emotional objects (that is before the iPhone launches later this year).
You may think Microsoft is evil, Windows Vista is a mere copy of MacOSX, and your grey laptop is nothing compared to that sleek white one with a shiny logo on your neighbour’s laps (note how I did not even mention the Zune here ;-).
Yet, there is no denying that these two have probably contributed more for the evolution of personal computing than anybody else on this planet.

If what has taken place in the IT industry in the last 30 years is of interest to you, then I strongly urge you to spare 10 minutes of your time and watch the videos. The WSJ D: Notebook is also a very good place to go to since they are the ones behind this “All things digital” event. 

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