Deepfish: iPhone’s silver bullet?


You may not know about it, but the Live Labs are working on quite a few interesting bits and pieces.

One of them is the Deepfish browser for mobile phones. I have just installed the beta version on my HTC S620 Smartphone and the result is amazing. There has been a lot of buzz when the iPhone was first introduced based on its ability to browse the web in a user friendly fashion. Well, the Deepfish experience so far is simply amazing. Basically you get the whole web page in a reduced form so that it fits on your screen and you can zoom in and out as you see fit to access whatever content is relevant for you.

It seems to be a limited beta right now, but I encourage you to check here and join as it is definitely worth it.

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2 Responses to Deepfish: iPhone’s silver bullet?

  1. Dave says:

    Wow, sounds like they are copying the iPhone, what else is new.

  2. nborgis says:

    No, you got me wrong. I really do believe the iPhone has looks to die for and will take a close look at it once it becomes available. However I felt it interesting to share this existing browsing option as surfing the web on any phone is a nightmare 99% of the time.

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