“Bill Gates deserves to win the Nobel Peace Prize”

Chairman Gates

I came across an interesting article in Wired that I suggest you take a look at. The short version is that Bill Gates is the icon of the new generation and as the Chinese propaganda officer said:

“Bill Gates deserves to win the Nobel Peace Prize. […] He gives people across the globe not only material help, but also inspiration that if they work very, very hard, they might one day become more important than a president.”

On a different line, but still found in Wired, I invite you to read the Channel 9 story. It is quite telling that even the guys at Wired Mag. claim that:

Channel 9, on the other hand, makes Microsoft look downright visionary. No large company – with the possible exception of Sun Microsystems – is as far along in understanding how the Internet changes the way employees connect with suppliers, customers, shareholders, and peers.
The goal is clear: Reestablish Microsoft as a cool, progressive enterprise that appeals to customers, investors, and top job prospects.
While the rest of corporate America is scrambling to figure out whether it wants to allow blogging at all, famously guarded, control-freak Microsoft has embraced the idea of transparency with messianic fervor.”

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