If you love somebody, set them free…

Groupe Reflect

Today I paid a visit to Manuel Diaz, the charismatic CEO of Groupe Reflect and I feel it is worth a few lines of my time (and yours I guess if you are reading this).

First, mark your calendars as they are about to disclose something BIG in the coming days (as can be seen on their website pictured above).

Then, I discussed interesting and innovative ideas with Manuel, most of which should become clear in the coming weeks.

Last, but not least, we met in the Blue Kiwi offices (see pictures below)… and it so happens that they liked me so much they did not want me to leave (check the steel-plate door, these guys are for real). In the end Manuel decided to use his phone to let go of me: who ever said Microsoft could not do business with smaller partners 😉

Manuel Diaz@ Blue KiwiThe door @ Blue KiwiManuel Diaz letting go of me 

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2 Responses to If you love somebody, set them free…

  1. Manuel Diaz says:

    Thanks Nicolas for this meeting… as usual it was a pleasure to brainstorm with you on how a huge companny like the one you are working for and a small one like mine can interact… i definitly think that when everyone is focused on the same goals, treamandous job can be done, and we’re gonna show it to the world ! 🙂

  2. nborgis says:

    You bet we will…

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