Go Popfly young (wo)man!

My Flickr photos rotating sphere

Guys, in a previous post I talked about our upcoming Popfly service… It so happens that I had a chance to play with it today (remember, I know zip all about dev stuff, believe me and if not ask Clauer, he knows!) It is another nice example of initiatives aimed at making technology pervasive and accessible to all. Still a long way to go, but we are getting there somehow!
Anyway, take a look at the rotating sphere I just created of my Flickr photostream. It took me less than 5 minutes and the result is just stunning. It can even be imported as a Vista gadget in a flicker (see below).

My Flickr Sphere Vista gadget 

Just register and get yourself an account now; my Popfly page can be found there.

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5 Responses to Go Popfly young (wo)man!

  1. nborgis says:

    And easy to do as well… I just love it and the possibilities seem endless!

  2. Nicolas,

    May be you didn’t notice, but if you “share” your project, you’re given a new option called “Embed it” that gives you a code snippet allowing you to embed your mash-up on your blog, ie here!!! Try this…


  3. BTW, tu as été contaminé par la Player-mania de Codor??? Argh, je vais décéder!!!

  4. nborgis says:

    Merci pour ces commentaires qui contribuent à me faire passer pour encore plus “incapable techniquement” que nécessaire 😉

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