You’ve got gadgets!

Gadgets are the new fad these days, or so it seems anyway. If you do not believe me, go check the Ubergizmo blog and see for yourself.

As far as the Internet goes, the long tail of web 2.0 makes it possible for any JavaScript programmer and their dog to create sexy gadgets that can either improve your desktop (Windows Vista and MacOSX natively support these) or improve your mashups and personal pages with nitty-gritty tweaks.

Microsoft has started a gadget gallery as part of its Windows Live broader initiative. One gadget I really do like is the Sudoku one from Whenever you log onto your personal page, to check your email for instance, you can spend 5 minutes relaxing with a little Sudoku (or ten hours getting very very sick with a hard one – choose your poison wisely!)

If you are a developer and are interested in finding out what is involved, you may want to check

If you are into Sudoku, just add the gadget to your page.

And remember, if it is not here yet, you may just as well create it or wait for a while… these things are spreading fast!

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3 Responses to You’ve got gadgets!

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  2. S says:

    Thanks for the link to I added it to my personalized Google homepage.

  3. Wilco says:

    Hey there

    Thanks for this great post it was just the missing info that i needed for my study

    I have bookmarked your site in the hope that you will bring more of this great stuff to the table


    Wilco Breens

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