Moving to Tumblr

I recently discovered Tumblr and decided to give it a try.

As it seems much better suited to my curating style, my blog has now moved to

See you there!

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Location-based Services + Social Networks = future of advertising?

It has been quite a while since I last posted to this blog. For the most part, life has been quite hectic (new job, new baby, aso.) hence the silence. While twitter has been my channel of choice to share information, today I have decided to give blogging another try. The world is moving too fast, especially on the Internet, and it is good to be able to share thoughts outside of the 140-character box from time to time!

Many of my friends are doubtful at best when I share my interest for location-based services (lbs). I would like to share a few links here which may give a little perspective to this phenomenon. Continue reading

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Summer of Sam

Right now I am rather busy at work, hence my non-existent blog posts. Still, I thought I should spend some time to share the latest update from Capital Finance on the French venture market.

Last summer was all about the subprime crisis and there is a fair chance that this is not quite over… too many people are clamoring about their risk profiles for things to really be all well and fine! It kind of reminds me of “Summer of Sam” by Spike Lee. The blood is not yet spilled but the fear is there all right!

Anyway, here are the figures and the dealflow has been rather mild, but I guess it does not mean much. As my Microsoft Digital Advertising friends like to say:

It is not about counting the people you touch but rather touching the people who count!

CapitalFinance VC Summer Trend


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Back to earth

It has been exactly one month since I last did a post here. Back from holiday today I cannot resist a short note on the financing of innovation and private equity in general.

Capital Finance gave on July, 9th the following 3-year investment trends for Limited Partners in private equity. Interestingly enough venture and buy-out are mostly up.

Capital Finance -  LP investment trend in PE

In the light of the subprime crisis and the probable increase in interest rates in the EU, it would be interesting to ask the exact same question now…

And to finish on a good note, just listen to this one found on Marc Andressen‘s blog. As the City is about to let go of a bunch of bankers it gives interesting insights as to what the mood is in the US!

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Thought leadership by design

Just a quickie to share with you a book I stumbled onto and find rather insightful: “Thought Leadership by Design”.

I will order a few of those and distribute them to all my business contacts… it is, as they claim one of those “no-frills” books I like. You can actually read it and it is actually worth it.

On the “no-frills” line, I strongly urge you to take a peak at which produces timely abstracts of business books that you can scan and decide for yourself if you really want to invest the time to actually read through the full 300-page version. Very useful indeed in this time-constrained world of ours.

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Microsoft Surface: accidental hit?

A lot has been said already about Surface, the killer UI making “Minority Report” look like “Driving Miss Daisy”.
A video from the application to be found at the Caesars’ Palace can be found here, and Manuel Diaz posted a very complete video on the .Gr blog.

Following the analysts’ meetings and our FY07 results, the press is all over Microsoft. Interestingly enough my favorite Richard Waters has posted a note on Surface in the FT’s Tech blog (which you should all be reading by now). The bottom line seemed too obvious for even him had to write it which makes me feel kinda sad. Here it goes:

It’s a reminder that the company’s developers can indeed come up with hot products, though it also says a lot about its internal development process. You could never see Steve Jobs accidentally stumbling onto something in this way.

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Windows Live QuickApps: register NOW!

The Windows Live Quick Application program has been launched following the Worldwide Partner Conference to minimize the learning curve of Windows Live services and technologies. If you are even remotely interested in web technologies I think you should take a close look at these applications and join the program as it will provide you with valuable insight as these services become available.

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